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Don't Even Think About Praying Another Prayer Until You Read This...

"What If Everything
You Ever Thought
You Knew About
Praying and Receiving
Answers Was
Dead Wrong?"


Are You Finally Ready to Learn the 2 Secrets That a Few People Have Been Using Right Out of the Bible to Receive Answers to Their Prayers Almost Instantly, As if They Had a Golden Key to The “Back Door” of God’s Storehouse?”

 Dear Friend,  

Can you keep a secret?

If you are frustrated with the outcome of your prayers to date, and you truly want to spend your time now receiving answers to all the prayers you’ve been praying, including the ones you’ve prayed in the past, then this may be the most important message you will ever read.

 Here’s why:

 My name is Elisha Goodman, and up until recently, I was a complete failure when it came to receiving answers to prayers (even after praying and fasting). Whenever I prayed for something I would believe that I had received it, as the Bible says, and would joyfully and expectantly wait to possess it physically.  I would even “plant a seed” and wait. Then… void, nothing.

 And then I’d walk away, wondering what could have gone wrong. Maybe you’ve had a similar experience.

 Here’s what was even more frustrating: on those few occasions when I was blessed to have a “powerful” minister of God pray and prophesy over me concerning some urgent issues in my life, I’d constantly be surprised by how routinely the very opposite of what I hoped for seemed to turn up!  

 Has that ever happened to you? It makes you wonder, doesn’t it

But it gets worse, much worse… because, what would happen next is, I’ll hear testimonies of people who appear to “walk” into the exact, same things I’ve been hoping and praying for… without ever putting in half the effort! And they are getting awesome results, virtually without breaking a sweat.

 Things like this just crush my faith like a grape. Maybe you’ve had that happen to you too.

 The few times I did receive answers to some prayers, I discovered that they were “slippery”… here today, gone tomorrow, even though I worked real hard, I was finding it difficult to keep them!

 After a while I got so frustrated, I quit praying altogether. I felt like such a loser. It was just easier to go to church, and limit myself to praising and worshipping God, than it was to actually ask God for anything in prayer. After all, I reasoned, there was no risk of praying and hoping for answers that would never come… if all I did was praising and worshipping God.

 My hopes had been raised and dashed too many times in the past. I didn’t want to be disappointed anymore.

 I was beginning to think that maybe I should look for “alternatives,” since prayer was not working for me, when an unusual thing happened, a single event that literally changed my life, and put me on the true path to receiving answers to MOST of the prayers I’ve ever prayed, on demand!

 And, I’m convinced any determined Christian can get these same results for themselves, no matter their circumstances, or how long they’ve been praying without results.

 Skeptical? I don’t blame you… if you had told me a few years ago I’d be teaching people how to  receive answers to all their prayers, even the ones they've prayed in the past, I’d have given you a “spiritual” smile but in my heart, well, I’d have been thinking, “Oh! You’ve got to be kidding!”


How A “Battleship Accident” Helped  
Me to Stumble Into
The Secret “Back Door” to Heaven


Now, the one thing I’ve always been interested in is “putting spiritual things to the test.” I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of duplicating the miraculous events of the Bible, and the one big thing I’ve always had going is great faith and the obsessive will to learn new spiritual secrets.

 I routinely blow lots of cash on books and tapes, and “sowing of seeds.” I travel all over the world to attend seminars, and other high priced events. If there is an event or resource that promises to demonstrate the power of God as in the Bible, in any way, shape or form, I’m there. I also like to meet with people whose lives are a testimonial of the miracle working power of God.

 Anyways, I was in a battleship years ago, to see the ship captain (his life was full of miracles) who was introduced to me by a mutual friend. He steered me into his meeting room and five minutes later, had to leave the room to attend to some emergency. While waiting, my eyes fell on a bulletin on the coffee table, with the screaming red headline:  


 “21 Hidden Reasons Why Your Prayers Are Hardly  
Answered And What To Do About It Now”


 My curiosity aroused, I picked it up and began to read. Immediately, I was arrested. This stuff was electrifying. I just couldn’t believe what I was reading. What this writer had to say about prayer was truly amazing… but what was even more amazing was that I found myself writing down his contact address and telephone number, and in a moment I was calling to make an appointment to meet him.

 In the bulletin, one of the things he said was that there were 2 simple secrets that you need to know to guarantee ALMOST immediate answers to your prayers. He said that with these 2 simple secrets in front of her, not even a child could go wrong. He also said that a few Christians understand this, but have decided to keep it a closely guarded secret...

For Commercial Reasons!


 Included at the end of his message was a prayer homework. Being a person who likes to prove things, I decided to “test drive” the prayers that night before going to bed, following his exact instructions.  

Then it happened!

 No sooner had I dropped off to sleep than I found myself in what appeared to be a lecture room with a man I’d never seen before, showing me a video about my life – past, present and future! Then it hit me. Those prayers… I had finally stumbled into something that worked!

 I had to learn this man's secret. I’ve read the Bible through from cover to cover, many times. I never knew you could apply portions of scripture in prayer the way he instructed. Before I read his little bulletin, I never could believe there was anything in the Bible like a secret in that guaranteed answers to prayers, sometimes almost immediately.

I now began to wonder about those prayers in the Bible that some great prophets prayed… and got their answers on the spot.  

 Like Elijah praying for fire at Mount Carmel? Someone has estimated that this prayer could not have lasted more than 17 seconds.

 Or  Moses. Or Even Jesus.  

 Could there be some secrets buried deep in the Bible that can explain the unusual results they got every time they prayed?

 I thought back on all those books on prayer (I have a huge library of them).  Not one of them mentioned even ONE single point that I learned in this tiny bulletin.  

 The Amazing “Prayer Attraction” Secret of  
A Desperate Missionary from the Frontlines  

 It took many attempts, but I was finally able to have an appointment with him. As I entered his counselling room, I brought out the bulletin and asked him, point blank: 

“Sir, I have read the Bible many times and, quite frankly, I don’t see these 2 secrets you talked about. Yet when I used these scriptures and prayed the prayer homework, I got results that shocked me. How does this all work?

 What’s your secret? And, will it work for me?”

 He laughed when I said that. Then he told me something I’ll never forget as long as I live: 

“Elisha,” he said, “I’ve been in ministry for a long, long time, and I’ve been involved in amazing research into prayer and the word of God.”

 “The word of God, when ‘deconstructed’ into little points or pieces, and spoken aloud during prayer, produces mysterious results. If you can imagine an invisible spaceship being launched as you pray, you’ll not be far from the point. Imagine also that this spaceship heads straight to the throne of God to receive the answers to your prayers and bring them back down to you.

 On its way back to you, loaded with God’s blessings, this spaceship is drawn to you ‘magnetically’ as you continue to pray. That’s one of the reasons the Bible says we should ‘pray without ceasing.’ If you stop praying prematurely, you may never see the answers to those prayers.

 I used to be a complete failure as a minister until I applied what I’ve just told you to my prayer life. And ever since then, to the glory of God, the results have been here for all to see.”

 I looked around. This man’s ministry has been growing at the rate of 1,535 new members every month

For 15 straight years!

 “The truth of the matter is,” he continued, “certain prayers that you pray make you ‘spiritually magnetic’ … to attract or magnetize what you’re asking God for. This prayer attraction is a fundamental principle in the spiritual world. It was recognized and applied by the Early Church. But in our modern Christianity we’ve somehow managed to get away from this spiritual principle and are taught the opposite of what works.”

 “All you have to do is learn the kind of prayer that attracts what you pray for, and ask the Lord to open your spiritual eyes to ‘see’ when the answer arrives. You don’t need a great anointing to do this. You don’t need a big man of God to pray and lay hands on you. You don’t need to know the entire Bible to do it.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been a Christian. It absolutely does not matter whether you are a lay person, pastor, preacher, or whatever… most of the things we’ve always been taught about ‘praying’ and ‘receiving’ answers are just plain wrong.

Stop waiting for your prayers to be answered. Start Receiving the answers as God sends them your way. It really is that simple.”

 Most People Do NOT Receive the Answers
to Their Prayers Simply Because They
Were Never Taught How!

 And then he opened his Bible and showed me step-by-step exactly how he received answers to his prayers, and how I could do the same. At some point, he showed me how to pray what he called “anti-aging prayers.” This kind of prayer slows down the aging process and makes people younger than their age. It is called the Prayer of Caleb.  The look on my face was one of astonishment and disbelief. Then he asked me:

 “How old do you think I am?”

 “Fifty eight, or possibly sixty,” was my response (I used to be quite good at this sort of thing).

 “You’re wrong,” he said. “I’ll be celebrating my 84th birthday this weekend.”

 Incredible! He didn’t quite look sixty to me. Not to mention 84!

 As he talked I realized he truly knew what he was talking about and that receiving answers to prayers could even be step-by-step process. 

So I decided to put these principles to work right away and here’s what happened.

 You see, for many years I'd been believing God for a management job that matched my qualifications and experience. But I found that I always fell short
Problem was...
Either I got to hear about the job late or,  in one humiliating case, I  interviewed for an advertised position ... only to have that position downgraded to junior manager right before my eyes!

At the time that I learnt to apply these secrets, within a few months I had people calling me out of the blue and asking if I would be interested in top management positions in one firm or the other. 

Finally, I decided to apply for a hot new position  at an up and coming  technology firm. And that was when the miracle started. The position I applied for was that of general manager. To my surprise, I was offered the position of CEO! 

This was divine promotion of an order I never imagined! 

Nothing like this ever happened to me before!

I was astounded. 

These secrets not only worked, they worked better than he said they did!  

After that day, I never looked back. Whenever I needed anything I just laid out my prayer plan, engaged my prayer engines ... and before long, joyfully look on as the answers begin to arrive.  

Once, I saw a pastor who was struggling with declining membership in his church. I shared a couple of attraction prayer secrets with him. He was incredulous… just didn’t get it. I had to visit his little church once in a week for a few months and, voila, that building could no longer accommodate the worshippers. It became too small for them and they had to move!


The interesting thing is, I haven’t been praying as much as I used to pray in the past. I’m not even fasting more than I used to. No “big” powerful minister of God has laid hands on me… or transferred, or even imparted anointing to me. I am still the same, old believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, doing my best to live the Christian life, just like anyone else.


The big difference, however, is that NOW I spend most of my time teaching people how to attract and receive answers to their prayers. 


Because I am NOT happy that many Christians are being taught things that result in just the opposite – chasing after elusive miracles like bloodhounds!


Look, once you understand how “prayer attraction” works, miracles will literally be chasing you down. Your life will change FOREVER when you discover these 2 Bible secrets I want to share with you.


Do you have something you’ve believed the Lord for? A special desire you’d like to attract? If so, you can use these same “prayer attraction” secrets to attract it, or almost any other answer you desire.  

Who Needs These Secrets?

  • Are you sick and tired of praying and praying, without ever seeing anything remotely resembling answers to those prayers?  

  • Would you like to automatically attract your heart’s desire when you pray… and watch joyfully as it manifests physically for you to enjoy?  

  • Would you like to wake up every morning, excited about your day, knowing the LORD has truly loaded that day with benefits just for you, and all you have to do is “know” how to magnetize them through the secrets of  prayer attraction?  

  • Would you like to have complete strangers walk up to you and give you precisely the things you prayed for that morning?  

  (The first time this one happened to me… a man walked up to me and offered to give me money. I politely refused. He pleaded that I should take it, but I kept on refusing, politely but firmly.  You should have seen the sadness and disappointment on his face as he walked away. Later, it dawned on me that I’d prayed about my finances just that morning… talk about lack of sensitivity).    

  • do you desire turnaround in business as well as financial blessings?

  • do you want divine protection for your kids no matter where they go in the world?

  • do you have a loved one who desires love, joy and happiness in their relationships?

  • do you need prayers to heal your body and your mind, especially your emotions?

  • do you need prayers to deal with loneliness?

  • do you want to learn the secrets of cancelling bad dreams, so that they do not come to pass?

  • do you want to cancel dreams of someone making love to your spouse?

  • do you want to cancel dreams of being forced to eat strange things?

  • do you want to stop dreams of people trying to take away your kids or your property?

  • do you want to cancel dreams of weddings that never took place?

  • do you want to stop dreams of going back to your former school or house you lived as a kid?

  • do you want to stop hearing strange voices in the dream?

  • do you want to wake up remembering all your dreams?

  • does your family need a financial miracle from God right now?

  • do you want to learn the secrets of praying to capture a strategic piece of property?

  • Are you tired of looking for others to pray for you (not even knowing whether they have the time for this or not), simply because your prayers don’t seem to be working?  

  • Have they prayed for you so many times at your church, yet still the situation has remained the same, or gotten worse?

  • Has the doctor told you that you must be on medication for the rest of your life, because there is no known cure for your ailment?  

  • Do you feel discouraged that all the wonderful prophecies you received in the past are yet to manifest in your life?  

  • Have you been tempted to believe  that the time of miracles passed with the apostles? 

  • Would you like to duplicate some of the miracles of the Bible in your own life and family now?  

  • Are you a Christian who is just sick and tired of being lonely, and feeling unloved in the world?  





You urgently want to get your hands on these “prayer attraction secrets”:

  • If you want rapid career advancement or a dream job (like I got).  

  • If you want to break free from living from paycheck to paycheck  

  • If you urgently need travel documents such as visa for yourself or your loved ones.  

  • If you want to put an end to  financial embarrassment.  

  • If you (or your loved ones) desire supernatural healing from any terminal disease.  

  • If you want to get out debt quickly.  

  • If you need divine intervention with your immigration papers.  

  • If you want to stop the problem of drug addiction and alcoholism in your home or community.  

  • If you want to grow spiritually and exercise your God-given dominion.  

  • If you have loved ones you’d like to get saved.  

  • If you want to eliminate suicidal tendencies from the lives of your kids.  

  • If you want to break the chains of marital unfaithfulness and sleep better at night with your spouse.  

  • If you want your ministry to grow in leaps and bounds.  

  • If you want happy customers to buy your products and recommend your business to others.  

  • If you really desire to create wealth and leave an inheritance for your children.




  If any of the above applies to you or if you answered “yes” to any of the questions, then you should get your hands on these “prayer attraction” secrets at once, and you should remember this: When you apply this prayer attraction approach, and “flip on” the spiritual triggers…


You Must Be Careful NOT to Ask For 
Too Many
Things at Once!  

  Now, before I tell you what these secrets are, it’s important you know what they are NOT. Look, there are a lot of books on the Internet out there on how to pray and “receive” answers, and like anything else, some of these are better than the others. But one thing I’ve found is this: most “authors” try to make receiving answers to prayers difficult and too spiritual when the reality is, you can receive the answers you desire (if they are in line with the Word of God) by simply unleashing just 2 “prayer attraction” secrets. No more.  


Here’s What You DO NOT Have to Do 

  • You do NOT have to… learn complex, memorized prayers that take forever to get down.

  • You do NOT have to… attend special seminars on success.

  • You do NOT have to… solicit special prayers from anybody.

  • You do NOT have to… do any daily affirmations.  

  • You do NOT have to… look for special anointing oil or miracle handkerchief.  

  • You do NOT have to… “fall under the anointing.”  

  • You do NOT need… any positive thinking  

  • You do NOT need… any self-talk.  

  • You do NOT have to… “hypnotize” things, be “sneaky” or manipulative, or learn weird, far-out New Age “energy secrets.”  

  So what are these secrets… secrets that literally magnetize answers AS YOU PRAY?  

  Here are some of the remarkable things I want to share with you:     

  • How to tap into your prayer attraction to “magnetically draw” answers to your prayers. (People will come up to you and talk to you about the things you prayed for, begging to give them to you… see page 30)  

  • The seven deadly turn-offs that will guarantee you instant failure with any prayer (if you’re currently failing with prayer, it’s because you’re unconsciously broadcasting one… or probably more… of these attraction-killing turn-offssee page 28)  

  • The amazing “timing” secret that will have you praying the right prayer at the right time (not one in a thousand people know this simple secret, yet it’s incredibly powerful, and speedy in action… see pages 21-22 )  

  • How to read little-known spiritual signals that tell you the answer to your prayer has been released to you… and wants you to receive it right now (and why you must act immediately when you sense these, or risk losing a miracle that God has sent your waysee pages 35 - 37)  

  • The secret to creating prayer points for maximum “attraction effect.  This is the “trigger,” the one indispensable skill that you must learn, and it’s easy once you know how (the wrong kind of prayer point can actually send your miracles away, and make them unavailable to you… the right kind can have them flocking to you, like moths to a flame… see page 31-33)  

  • How to receive miracle answers by saying absolutely nothing at all (this one is beautiful… see page 38)   

  • How to “position” yourself so that miracles can find you easily (you’ll never be chasing after miracles – whether in the area of health, wealth or relationships – ever again… see page 37)  

  • How to NEVER be nervous or anxious ever again… about anything (believe me, when answers to your prayers appear even as you’re speaking, it’s remarkably simple to be calm, cool and collected, even in the face of crisis… see page 40 )  

  • Secrets of “Speed Prayer” success – ever read in your Bible that Jesus said you’d be able to reap where you did not sow? This is an advanced secret of prayer attraction… that will have other people working to drive their own miracles to you… see page 37)  





  • How to create an “automatic referral system” that compels even angels to work non-stop to fill your spiritual storehouses see page 37)  

… and much, much more. Look, no matter if you want to attract the blessings you prayed for, or if you’re in a hurry and you just want to quickly receive unclaimed blessings that others have “abandoned” out of ignorance, these secrets have the power to…  

Change Your Prayer Life Forever and Give

You Dominion Authority Over All The Issues of

Your Life… As God Originally Intended

Back There in Genesis 1:28.

You’ll Never Feel Helpless Again!

Ok, that’s it. You’ve just read a detailed description of these remarkable “prayer attraction” secrets and what they can do for you. What I’ve done is “stuff” all these secrets into an easy to use, instantly downloadable ebook called:  

  “Prayer Cookbook for Busy People: 
222 Golden Key Prayers to Open Heaven's Back 
Door and Bring Answers in 10 Days or Less

  … that you can literally be reading (and using) within minutes.  



Wishing you a truly abundant life in Christ Jesus.


God bless you and thank you for your time!

Be An Overcomer!



Elisha Goodman

Author: Prayer Cookbook For Busy People

PS: To date there are over 3000 real life testimonies on our websites from people just like you. From 117 countries. The difference is that they took URGENT action after reading this letter. 

It is now your turn to be blessed!